BattlePass Speculation

So we speculated a number of things in this video regarding the Dota 2 Battlepass.

Firstly we point out the obvious comparison. This year's Dota 2 Battlepass is covered in artifact-esque gems. There is no way this can't be some sort of hint at artifact, even if it doesn't tell us anything.

We then speculate about the new creep cosmetics also making their way into Artifact. Card cosmetics are going to be an important part of Valve's business model in Artifact, and hopefully it will help keep cards cheap!

Next we look at some potential new creeps. 3 little creatures are introduced in the battlepass who could all be somewhat nameless creeps for us to throw in such as the savage wolf we already have. And fingers crossed we get Eimer Hillburrow in artifact too! Hopefully as a hero too, but I'd have my money on a creep if at all!

Lastly we suggest that we have another instance of a new entity from Artifact being used in Dota. Rix was first, but he still only has voicelines. The new treasure in the Battlepass is called "Trust of the Benefactor" which grants players prizes. We speculate that this is related to the Mysterious Benefactor in Artifact who grants other cards power and health!

Is there anything in the Battlepass you guys have been speculating about??
This is a great video man.  PogChamp

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