The Artifact Preview Tournament [Nov 10-11th]
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Quote:he Artifact Beta is coming soon and while we get everything polished, we're at the point where we're excited to share some previously unseen features.

On November 10-11, the Artifact Preview Tournament will feature 128 players competing over a prize pool of USD $10,000. Hosted by Beyond The Summit and broadcast on SteamTV, the all-draft event will feature a 7 round Swiss bracket on Saturday. A top 8 single elimination bracket will decide the winner on Sunday. Both days begin at 9AM PST.

The tournament will be run entirely through an in-client tournament system which will be available for everyone to use on launch day, November 28th.
The Tournament will be stream on Twitch and SteamTV

Novermber 10th - 09:00 AM Pacific Time
Novermber 11th - 09:00 AM Pacific Time
I'm not sure how to feel about all this. And I think Valve doesn't know either.

Let's hope it doesn't backslash.
(11/08/2018, 12:51 PM)TorTen Wrote: I'm not sure how to feel about all this. And I think Valve doesn't know either.

Let's hope it doesn't backslash.

What do you mean?  monkaA
I mean that Valve are only relying on the community to spread the word about the game.

Most of the people are in the closed beta for more than 6 months, the $10,000 prize pool is stupid i a sense that this is their way of keeping the beta testers in, while the community can't play the game and as i said you rely on that community and that community is pissed off at you at the moment, because you didn't deliver what you promised.

I guess the internal tournaments were never meant to be public knowledge.

So after the stupid fiasco with PAX, no public stream for the first day, then stream with 2k viewers, then delaying the beta and giving this people a week to play before the release when some of them paid more than $300 for a damn key, "content creators" milking followers with keys the "dancing monkeys", telling you "HOW TO PLAY ARTIFACT" and all this bullshit, now once again we are gonna be watching a tournament where people are playing for money and have access to the beta for months ahead and we cant touch the god damn fucking product.

Oh and don't worry there is only $1,000,000 tournament coming up and i'm sure someone that will touch the game for first time november 19th will win it. HaHAA
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give ARTIFACT
@TorTen Yikes  FeelsRainMan
I see where you are coming from, but i can't completely agree. Some things are out of Valve's hands.

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