Tournament summary and new information

Tournament summary and new information

The Closed Beta Preview Tournament is now over and the winner is Joel "heffaklumpen" Larsson (@JoelLarsson1991), who didn't drop a single game and remained undefeated. Congratulations!

You can check the resulits on Liquipedia:

The VODs are available on BTS Artifact's Youtube channel, here is the playlist:

The second day of the tournament started with Gameplay Tutorial vs the AI and i highly recommend to everyone to watch it.

Now let's move on to what we've learned:

If you still don't know the Artifact Pre-Orders are available since yesterday. (Link to the Store Page)

Valve released FAQ explaining how the modes, tournaments and trading will work at launch. Link

Q. Whoa, that's a lot of talk about entry fees... Remind me again what I can do for free?

Sure! We've written a lot about paid modes because they are complicated, not because they are the only or even the main way to play Artifact.

Bot matches are a way to playtest, improve your skills, or learn the basics without having to deal with a live opponent. The global matchmaking pool is a great way to test out new deck ideas or get familiar with new cards against real opponents. The free constructed gauntlet is a competitive mode where the opposition gets stronger the more you win. There's also the preconstructed Call to Arms event where you can play with powerful cards you don't own. We also expect to host a variety of other free, competitive gauntlets in the near future.

You can also invite anyone in your community to challenge you through open play and private lobbies.

One of the most interesting ways to play for free are user-created tournaments...

The NDA will be lifted two days before launch (November 17th).