We changed our name to ArtiGuild.com

We changed our name to ArtiGuild.com

Hello everybody,

We are excited to announce that we are changing our name to ArtiGuild.com.

Why are we rebranding?

Last year after the public announce of Artifact we decided to build community website similar to what once PlayDota.com was. We purchesed PlayArtifact.info because, at that time the .com domain was owned by someone else (not Valve), we didnt know if Valve had a domain and how was it called. Our expectations were that they will work out a deal and acquire Artifact.com.

Few months latter we heard that Valve now owns PlayArtifact.com.

That was a breaking point since it was going to be really stupid from our side to run the site under the same name, especially when our vision is to build a community and not copying or using their name to trick people. No metter what we did, that was gonna be the end result. After a lot back and forward about what our new name was gonna be we agreed on ArtiGuild.com

So why ArtiGuild.com?

As we said we are in for the community our title was "PlayArtifact.info - Artifact Community", but since "community" is pretty long word and also not very friendly for a website name, "guild" seemed like a great replacement.

So here are we now standing as ArtiGuild, hoping for better future and success at doing what we love.

Our social media accounts were also changed:




- ArtiGuild Team