What did we learn today [PAX/Media]

What did we learn today [PAX/Media]

Today was the first day since Artifact was announced were we finally found answers to a lot of the questions that bugged out minds.

Аfter waiting in a long queue at Valve's booth, the people attending PAX West were able to play vs Artifact's AI to learn the basics of the game and Valve employees where there to provide help to everyone.

The rules were simple if you win against the AI, you start queueing with the other players that defeated it. And then if you got yourself on a win streak you can play against one of the "celebrities" at the event  (Slacks, Lumi, fwosh, Sunsfan etc.). As a price no matter win or lose you would receve a Swag bag that among other things has 2 Artifact Beta keys.

So that's that, we get to see a lot of gameplay thanks to bukka, who was streaming the event live on Twitch through Artifaction's channel.

There was no offcial stream. Edit: There will be offcial stream

Alot of new cards were displayed and every color has different purpose.


Latter today media sites like IGN and Ars Technica published clean, screen captured gameplay:


Alot of the small details will be posted in the following article latter so lets get to the immportant stuff:

  • Every player has time for the game, much like in chess.
  • Game can be scored as draw.
  • You can put hand card on hold for 1 gold.

HotBid did some sort of AMA on reddit, check it out here: reddit.com/r/Artifact/com....vs_slacks

Also i want to give shoutout to Divok (The creator of The Artificer's Guild) for his work Artifact and share his video about PAX -

You should definitely check him.

Also we are adding the new cards to the catalog of the site: PlayArtifact.info/cards/all

A lot of info will be added in the upcoming weeks regarding gameplay, mechanichs, how to play the game and so on, stay tuned.

If you are looking to trade Beta Keys, check this thread out: PlayArtifact.info/community/thread-artifact-beta-keys-trading

Disclaimer: I've missed some stuff and there are probably tons of mistakes, it's super late and my brain can't function properly... sorry